Travitude and all its benefits

Each area should always benefit from technological development under conditions where even the smallest details are constantly being improved. Even travel agents have simplification as their main penalty, and this is where the travitude comes in. It is the main software used to automate various processes, both booking and payment. Here you will find the best conditions to discover.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages is that the processes are automated, which greatly facilitates the operations of tour operators and customers. It is possible to combine more than one premium service with various support and direct support services from our platform. When booking a double plane ticket at the hotel, the transfer from the hotel to the activity will be provided. Everything is done directly through the same interface, which is much simpler and more convenient thanks to XML and API connections.

Everything works perfectly and quickly when the procedures are automatic. This means that every customer who arrives or does the research has the ability to see all the offers in real time and they come from tons of operators. These can be carried out continuously regardless of the time of year, including during free time when each agency can earn a lot, as there is no need to present some office jobs that have migrated online these last years.

Furthermore, the whole process is much faster as it takes no more than a few minutes to research, select the offers you want and make reservations, while in other procedural contexts it was a bit more complicated. This way customers can make reservations and complete them on site directly on their platform without having to access all sources separately. Everything is possible thanks to the API / XML connection, which guarantees a direct connection with countless providers.

Creating your own travel agency has never been easier and Travitude has certainly made the process a lot easier. In fact, it only takes four simple self-shaking steps to get everything started with the initial setup, which can’t take more than a few minutes. It further reduces the trust created when suppliers are preferred when the point is where payment methods are different. To facilitate the creation of your own brand, Travitude also offers the possibility to customize the design of the platform so that it can be customized to your liking.

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